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Alleviate Sports and Therapeutic Massage


To all of our Alleviate Family, from clients, supporters and personnel we are deeply saddened we cannot provide our wonderful care and attention to you at this time due to the coronavirus outbreak pandemic. Gov Dewine has chosen to shut down all non-essential businesses and we fall in that category. We were waiting for official word to make an executive decision on what to do. At this time, we do not have answers on how long this may last.

To our Members - Thank You for choosing Alleviate as your home to wellness and improving your body's health. Currently you are on auto-pay and receive 1 massage a month at your member price. To keep Alleviate going and to prevent us from permanently closing, we have thought about options and here are the following choices you can choose from:

Option 1 – Continue paying your monthly membership and receive 1 additional massage each month we are closed. For example, if you are due to be billed on April 3rd, you will get two member massages instead of your normal one. We are matching your support with ours 1-1. These massages will automatically go into your account at no additional cost to you.  

Option 2 – If you are wanting to pause your membership, you can do so by having it paused on the date of your NEXT billing cycle. For example, if you are due to be billed on March 25th, you will still be billed but you will be paused after that date. Our policy is 30 days in advance to pause or stop payment. Our system cannot stop a payment prior to the 30-day rule.  

Option 3 – If you are wanting to cancel your membership, you can do so by having it cancelled on the date of your NEXT billing cycle. This in turn may delete all unused and saved massages in our system. Your prior prepaid massages never expire and will stay valid. We hope no one picks this route, we never imagined ever having to go through something like this.  **Updated March 21st, 2020 We noticed an error here and wanted to address the concern,  ALL unused massages DO NOT expire and YOU CAN use them in the future. Canceling your account stops the build up of month-to-month massages. When we re-open you may book your previously paid for massages. They may be removed from your account, however we have backlogged all member and non-member accounts.** 

We appreciate all of you and thank you so much for all of your support. We hope you all take care of yourselves, stay safe and stay healthy.  

Please email us with your decision and we will handle each client asap. 


- Elizabeth Nole "Ellie" Owner & Operator 937-422-7602  

- The Alleviate Team